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Custom Rear View Mirror Hangers, Mirror Hangers for Cars

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A custom rear view mirror hanger creates a prime marketing opportunity during the few moments your employees are in your customer's cars or other vehicles.

Whether performing car wash and detailing, dent removal services or as attendants at a parking lot or dealership, your team can add a valuable marketing and informational finishing touch to the process with one of our custom rear view mirror hangers slipped over the customer's mirror mount. Eye-catching, colorful and impossible to miss, these custom marketing tools place your company logo on conspicuous display while informing the customer of special promotional enhancements, money-saving coupons, as well as additional products and services to generate repeat business. It's also an opportunity to express your thanks for their business in a visual manner that leaves a lasting impression as they drive away.

Rearview mirror hangers for cars and other vehicles are a 3.5-inch by 8.5-inch promotional printed on thick 12 pt. card stock in rich colors. The custom, die-cut shape of the rearview mirror hanger is quickly slipped over the mirror by an employee from either the driver side or passenger side of the car. This makes for easy distribution without disrupting workflow and keeps a steady stream of vehicles driving away from your business with a high-profile promotion within easy reach, right before their eyes.

The lower portion of our rear view mirror hanger is perforated, allowing the customer to quickly detach the coupon or other promotional content at the bottom of the hanger. Some of the "extras" an auto-related business might include on their rearview mirror hangers are a new or enhanced service offered at a special introductory price or a low-priced bonus, such as a basic air freshener included free with the purchase of one of your upgraded services. Rearview mirror hangers give you the last word to promote money-saving products and services to customers right in their own vehicles.

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